Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas on another planet

The following is an excerpt from “Aliens Are God’s Children Too,” © 2008

The cat manipulates the controls. The vehicle rises and moves further south. The large plant life diminishes as the sun gets lower on the horizon. Where the sun has almost set, they come to a small town. Children are playing, and adults are moving about. The vehicle stops just outside of the town, hovering several meters above the ground.
“If you will disguise yourself as a Quzak, we can proceed on foot.”
Kieya's sloped cushion disappears, and she shrinks to Ooza's size. Then she takes on features similar to those of Ooza. “How's this?”
Ooza giggles. “Except for the hairy arms you look like my colleague Zahrated!”
The hair disappears from her arms. “Better?”
“Much better!”
“It always feels most peculiar to become a biped.” She purrs subtly.
“Don't do that! Quzaks don't purr.”
“Understood. I will restrain my instincts.”
Someone approaches from their left. “We will need to provide gifts.”
Ooza’s face brightens. “Qaak! Except for your eyes and voice I would have assumed your were a Quzak! Very well done.”
“Thank you.”
“Hello Qaak. You just said we will need gifts. Why?”
“The Creator told Walter that this was to happen soon on Ooza's world. We need to humble ourselves and recognize this privilege.”
Ooza is puzzled. “I don't understand.”
“You will. What is the most precious form of spices on your planet?”
“Spice crystals. They have a multitude of uses but are very costly.”
Kieya nods. “I now understand what Qaak is telling us. Do you have fragrant oils here?”
“Yes. This is all so mysterious. I will go along. What else do we need?”
“I remember watching your female support group talk about the virtues of spun gold.”
Qaak looks directly at the new Gaardian. “Ooza, I want you to think back over your lessons in Quzak history. In the age when leaders were born into their legacy, how were these children approached?”
Ooza is quiet and thoughtful for a moment. “We are bringing three gifts. Three especially rare gifts. ...” She looks into the faces of Qaak and Kieya, and tears begin running down her face. “I now know. The Arkaynee! There have been prophecies. Piatek spoke of it recently. We fit the prophecies. This child will bring the quiet but controversial revolution to Quzak that it has waited for during countless generations. This child will rule the hearts and minds of Quzaks for countless generations to come even after returning to The Creator.” She pauses and dries her eyes. “To answer your question, we must approach with humility and reverence. After leaving our gifts we must back out and leave instantly, vanishing and leaving no trace.”
Qaak nods. “I did not come in a vehicle. May I join you in yours, Kieya?”
“Of course. It will adapt. Now. The precise center where the solar flare pointed is that small building over there. Ooza, please provide the appropriate gifts.”
Containers appear in their hands, and they walk quietly towards the small building. Going inside they see a young mother nursing a child, with the mate standing nearby. They approach and begin opening their gifts.
Qaak’s voice is unusually soft and low. “I come from a planet far away. I bring you spun gold.”
Qaak backs away, and Kieya approaches. “I too come from a planet far far away. I bring you spice rocks.”
Kieya backs away, and Ooza approaches. “I come from the eastern continent, north of here. Have no fear. The Creator, Ruach, has brought us. The knowledge of this special event will not reach the other continents for many years. I bring you precious oil.”
She backs away, and the three of them back out the door. On the outside no one sees them exit, for they vanish instantly back to Kieya's vehicle.

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